Product Documentation

Welcome.  Here you will find technical documents that help you integrate the eBay Commerce Network API into your site.

Available Documents

Getting Started

How to become a publisher and get going with the eBay Commerce Network Publisher program.

API Demo Credentials for All Markets

The example requests in the API Use Cases documentation include API demo credentials (apiKey, trackingId) for US results.   Look here for API demo credentials for all other markets.

API Use Cases

A must read for any developer implementing the eBay Commerce Network API. The most commonly used scenarios, with examples how to make API queries.

API 3 Schema

The XML Schema Documentation for the eBay Commerce Network API .

API 3 Available Attributes

The list of product and offer attributes available through the eBay Commerce Network API.

API 3 REST Parameter Reference

The list of all parameters that can be used in API 3 queries, with descriptions and applicability.

API 3 SDK for Java

If you program in Java, this development kit will minimize your integration and maintenance efforts. By downloading the SDK, you agree to the SDK terms of usage specified in the download file.

General Requirements

Usage requirements that must be met by all Partners submitting queries to the eBay Commerce NetworkAPI. In some cases, an amendment to the usage requirements will preempt the terms written in this document.